Wedding on the lake Baikal

Our Couples

Timur and Tatiana entrusted us with their 10th wedding anniversary. They had an impressive ceremony of gratitude on Lake Baikal.

Tatiana's belief in Christianity and Timur's belief in Buddhism were taken into account in the event planning.
Timur and Tatiana from Bratsk
Gleb and Tatiana from Moscow
Gleb and Tatiana are graduates of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. But their faith in science didn't prevent them from believing in God and love.

So in September, they decided to get married on Baikal, and we helped it happen.
Not only did Kirill and Natalia find each other on the internet, but also they found our agency! That's what the 21st century does to lovers!

Fortunately, the young couple were so satisfied with the experience and mentioned: "The organizers and the planning of the wedding impressed us more than the lake did!"
Kirill and Natalia from Moscow
The lovers married a few years ago and just registered the marriage without any ceremony.

But Anastasia didn't stop dreaming of the wedding dress and ceremony on Baikal, and we believe that dreams must come true! That's exactly our mission.
Danil and Anastasia from Bratsk
Ivan has been working as a wedding DJ for 15 years. No surprise that the lovers' choice was to have a Runaway Wedding on Baikal.
Ivan and Tatiana from Bratsk
Viktor and Lera form Vologda
Lera works in the tourism field. She's been long haunted by the adventurous idea of visiting Baikal. And Viktor granted her wish by proposing to her!
Aleksey and Julia decided to retreat to Baikal with their children. All three children were at the impressive wedding of mom and dad and experienced joyful moments.
Aleksey and Julia from Moscow
Igor and Julia FROM MOSCOW
Wedding in September
Autumn is a beautiful season for Baikal wedding
Wedding Ceremony of the couple was in Bay “Sand”. Igor and Julia went to this place by white boats