We organize and plan the wedding ceremony of your dream­ on the most ancient and mysterious lake

on the lake baikal

We invite you to our unique tour “Baikal Weddings”. We plan “the Runaway Wedding on Baikal”, your romantic date, or even your proposal to your loved one

We will take care of everything. Everything that you need!

“the Runaway

Wedding on Baikal”

— no annoyance.
— picnic with a pinch of extreme and a lot of new experiences;
— flexible schedule satisfying your needs;
— a combination of wedding and vacation on the most fantastic lake;
— reasonable costs fitting your budget;
— caring about each other, without bothering with guests;
— for those who don't want to show everyone their happiness;
There are mysterious rocks, caves, and mounds on the Baikal, and it is one of UNESCO's natural World Heritage sites. Since ancient times, Lake Baikal has been surrounded by mysteries and legends. Many people dream of visiting Baikal, but only real romantics and adventurers make it!
Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. It is a place of power, the most ancient lake on the planet, with an age of more than 25 million years.

It emits special energy, which all people coming here feel. It is considered the main water portal of the planet.



We plan and organize an impressive event and one of the happiest days of the lovely couple's life.
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“Baikal weddings”

We take care of absolutely everything, from the ceremony planning to the next-day rest.


We will tailor a wonderful wedding ceremony for you.


We will take you to the non-tourist spots of Baikal no guide would take you to!


Our staff are wedding experts, who have experience working all around the world.


We have thought about everything, and your only duty is to enjoy each other, nature, and happiness.


Svetlana Kovalenko

Sergey Kovalenko

The author and planner of the tours

Planner of the tours

Organizer, Director, Leader, Ceremony master. Head of the event agency “Shastlivoe sobitiye”
Leader, Ceremony master
Head of the event agency “Shastlivoe sobitiye”
In love with our work
and with each other!



Choose the Suitable Tour

“Church Wedding on Baikal”

Individual Tour
3 600 $
Tour Length: 3 Days
3 600 $
Tour Length: 3 Days
Individual Tour

“Wedding for Two on Baikal”

— Setting the desired date of the wedding
— Accommodation at the recreational base with comfortable rooms on the shores of Lake Baikal
— Catering
— Pre-wedding photo session: Photowalking, Love Story
— Picturesque non-tourist wedding venue
— Photographer (photo session + photo processing)
— Videographer (video shooting + video editing)
— Coordinator
— Hairstylist and makeup artist
— Ceremony master and musical accompaniment
— Florist
— Romantic dinner
— Individual author's excursions
— Discoveries and adventures
* Transfer from Irkutsk to the place of accommodation is available on request and is not included in tour costs.

Tour Reviews

If you don’t know Russian language: don”t worry
You will understand everything if you watch this video. Enjoy these beautiful moments